Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions. Please click a question to reveal the answer.

What is your Delivery Guarantee?

You will receive your first draft 5-7 business days from the time you place your order. Orders placed Monday thru Friday AFTER 5pm EST will be considered next day orders. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be considered Monday orders. If your delivery time falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday, your order will be delivered on the following business day. If you ordered an upgraded turnaround time, we will handle those orders according to your upgrade under the same business hours stated above.

Can I view any sample resumes?

These sample resumes don't necessarily reflect the exact layout of your future resume, as results are customized to fit your specific needs. Remember, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Additional sample resumes are available to view here.

I submitted my information but I can't find where to pay.

If you already submitted your information, there is no need to go through it again. Just click here to be taken straight to the payment page.

What if I am not happy with how my resume looks after you do it?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our resume writing service is an interactive process that involves both your input and ours. If you are displeased with the format, text, or any other aspect of your resume after delivery, just let your personal writer know exactly what you would like changed – and we will revise everything to your specifications, free of charge.

Who will be working with me and what are their credentials?

Resume2Hire has a team of writers that includes CPRWs (Certified Professional Resume Writers), NCRWs (Nationally Certified Resume Writers), and PHRs (Professional in Human Resources) certification. They combine experience including human resources, staffing, resume writing, and professional proofreading to make your experience the most competitive in your industry.

What if I think I might need two different resumes for different kinds of jobs?

Please inquire with your writer if you are thinking about applying to two different industries or job titles. Sometimes your writer will be able to bring out your experience in one resume – or he/she may recommend the purchase of a second resume.

How important is the cover letter?

The cover letter is an instrumental part of the job search process. Many hiring managers and human resource professionals are particularly busy reviewing resumes in this challenging economy. They may not take the time to open all attachments in their email boxes. It is for this reason that a cover letter highlighting some strong achievements from your resume is absolutely necessary.

Do I need to send a thank you note?

After an interview, each candidate should send a formal thank you note. The principals of Resume2Hire, as staffing industry veterans, have seen too many situations where candidates have been passed over for job offers after failing to send an appropriate, professional thank you note following an interview.

What formats do you provide resumes in?

We provide resumes in Word documents. PDF and plain text documents are also available upon request.

What if I need to make changes to my resume later on?

If you need to make changes to your resume due to a move, email change, or job change, or otherwise, your Word document is fully editable. You can simply delete old information and fill in new information. Minimal changes should not affect our professional formatting.

Where will I be able to contact you once I have paid?

After you have ordered your resume, a professional resume writer will be in contact with you through a welcome email. They will also use this opportunity to ask you for any additional information that you may need. You will also be able to contact us at any time via email at

Do you offer free critiques?

We do not currently offer free resume critiques due to the competitive pricing of our service, but you will be assigned a writer who works with you one on one to resolve any red flags that might be coming up in the face of a prospective employer, and who will make your resume a polished, professional document. Services that offer resume critiques generally use templates designed to make you feel that your resume is inadequate – without looking at your resume. Resume2Hire believes that a real resume critique takes time and effort. It is for this reason that we cannot offer a resume critique for free.

My employer does not know I am looking for a new job. Will my name be kept confidential and will my resume be posted anywhere without my permission?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance at Resume2Hire. With over 30 combined years in staffing and recruitment, our principals and writers have experience with very confidential and personal information. We will never disclose your personal information in any way without your permission. Our resume posting service is a prepaid service that you control 100% and expressly request.