Resume Writing Tips

At Resume2hire, we understand the importance of effective resume writing. Our professional resume writers have years of experience working with thousands of customers across multiple industries, job titles and management levels. Our resume writers remain on the cutting edge of industry standards when it comes to the best resume writing techniques. So, we thought we would share a few tips with you here.

  1. Tip #1 Sell yourself. One of the hardest things for job applicants is "tooting their own horn".
  2. Tip #2 When creating an email address for your job search, ensure that it is professional and not gimmicky.
  3. Tip #3 Using only the last 10 years of your job history is most effective for a resume, as it is your most recent experience.
  4. Tip #4 Not having a completed degree is one of the top things job applicants worry about. If you have completed some college, simply list the institution.
  5. Tip #5 Employers look at relevant specialized training. Our resume writers can assist with determining how much is necessary.
  6. Tip #6 Use honors and awards sparingly. Remember, your resume gets a 1-2 minute glance in the stack of applicants, so it needs to be concise and pack a punch!
  7. Tip #7 When pasting your resume to job boards, use a plain text format so that it is easy to read. Our writers can assist with this.
  8. Tip #8 When uploading your resume to job boards, ensure that your document is a generally accepted format so that employers can open it.
  9. Tip #9 Ensure your current job title is relevant to the jobs for which you are applying. Our writers will assist with optimizing your entire resume for those job titles.
  10. Tip #10 Know your weakest points. Being aware of them will make you more likely to address them appropriately on a resume and in an interview.
  11. Tip #11 Be sure to include exceptional points of interest in your career or volunteer life.

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