Below you will find some feedback from just a few of our satisfied customers. Customer care is #1 to us, and we work very hard at Resume2Hire to assure that each one of our customers receives quality work and personalized service. We look forward to working with you!

It is PERFECT! OUTSTANDING JOB! Thank you so much. I don’t need anything changed. As a matter of fact I already sent the resume out, and a manager passed it on to the district manager who THEN passed it on to Human Resources. I have been told I should get a call in a couple days to schedule an interview! I’m very excited about this, and I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did on the resume! Have a wonderful day.
- Earl

First of all I would like to thank Resume2Hire. I am really impressed with my resume now. And of course I would like to thank Victoria too. I just found you guys by searching on the web for resume making. And there were many choices out there, but something in me was saying that these guys will do THE job THE Best, and I am glad I did that. You guys are the BEST.
– Steve P.

I was hired with the great work performed by Resume2Hire. Thank you!
– Bob

Sorry to be so slow to responding, I opened the resume while on vacation and only had a chance for a quick look – It looked fantastic, and now that I have gone over it more thoroughly I am even more impressed. I can’t thank you enough – It really stands out more than the last version and I’m sure will be helpful in getting a better response from my applications. While I missed the edit deadline, I really could not see any changes that needed to be done that I couldn’t do myself, so that’s great. I am interested on working on a few cover letters soon (should have just gone with the package!) and hopefully can work with you again. Feel free to use me on your testimonials section, I am thrilled with the work! Thank You.
- Ryan

Thanks for the job well done I have read many resumes in my professional life and the one you write for me is very professional and properly executed but it has something intangible it has a ring that is very pleasant, I’m very satisfied with the final product, and thanks again, if any member of my family or friends they ever need this service I know who to recommend. Have a very nice summer, fall, and everything else.
- Hugo

As of right now I will not need to do anything further with the resume you created for me because as soon as I sent it out I had an immediate response from the employer I was looking at. Since this past Sunday I have interviewed, been made and offer, and they met my pay requirements. Not only that I have been told they are putting me on the fast track for quick promotion. This happened way faster than I ever expected. Thank you again, the resume got my foot in the door, and that was all that I needed.
- Pearl

You are amazing! I used your resume last week Friday and on Monday I had a scheduled a job interview for this week Friday! If I land this job I will be sending you a VERY POSITIVE endorsement! Thank you!
- J. Lyons

Everything looks great! Thank you for taking the time to correct the mistakes and assist in making my résumé more noticeable. I feel very satisfied with the level of attention shown towards my account and commend you and your company for your help!
- B. Avery

All I can say is WOW! Thank you so very much for this resume and cover letter. You are a miracle worker! This looks perfect to me and I will fill in those dates highlighted in blue. Thank you again!
- H. Lockard

I am MOST THANKFUL for your assistance! Will definitely recommend you to others.
- Adrianne

Thanks again!!! You are the best! I will send some referrals your way.
- Tracie

Thank you so much for the wonderful revisions. I feel that my resume accurately captures what I had in mind. Thank you again for your hard work.
- Emilee

I actually have an interview today that I got from submitting this revised resume so thank you!
- D. Rivera

You did a great job and my sincere thanks.
- P. Roben

Perfect, thank you!! I appreciate you!!
- K. Hensley

Thank you so much! I love it!
- J. Coulter

I love it!! It looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!
- J. Singleton

Thank you!!! The resume looks way better than I could ever pull off! There are no further revisions needed. Thanks so much!
- B. Gregoire

Thank you so much! You made this look so much better. I do not need any edits, you did a great job! Thanks.
- J. Keeley

Everything looks great! Thanks for all the help.
- B. Markarian

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing service I have received. My writer (Will) was courteous, attentive and did a fantastic job condensing my old 5pg resume to a modern professional 2pg one that showcases my professional experience in ways I would have never could. Thank You!!!!
- Fede

I got a job within 3 weeks after using your great revised resume. You were great to work with. Your service is worth 10 times what was charged. Thank you, being 59 years old I was was really worried and not getting the results.
- Richard S.

It is perfect…I want to hire me (LOL). Thank you so much, this is such a relief having my resume done in such a professional matter. It is just what I wanted. Well worth what I paid. Thank you again!
- Jill M.

Very satisfied. Melanie wrote a perfect resume. Best $99 I ever spent.
- John H.

The Resume is great and needs no revisions at this time… I have posted it and have already gotten 3 calls one job offer and an interview… you do great work! What a difference your version made… I had my old Resume posted for 3 months and got no responses… Thank you again for your excellent work!
- R. Webster

I’m so happy to report – I sent the resume you put together for me, to an agency…they forwarded it to one of their clients…and I start working tomorrow. RICK, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! Again thank you so much.
- Darlene W.

Just wanted to send a note and say thank you for your help with the resume. I have accepted a position that is a 6 figure job thanks to your resume layout. I really appreciate your input and structure of the document. I’ll certainly send anyone I know to you for a new resume. In this economy with the talent pool over flowing you need something that sets you apart from the rest, I believe the resume rewrite and the outstanding cover letter did just that. Thanks a million!
- Jeff H.

I truly appreciate the time you took to carefully revise the resume. It looks excellent and just what I was exactly hoping for.
I am happy to refer clients directly to you. I appreciate your time.
- Bethlehem E.

Thank you so much. It looks wonderful. I really appreciate. I have referred your company to my sister in law.
- N. Brunick

Becky and Resume2Hire, all I can say is WOW! I appreciate you so much.
- K. Buttram

I LOVE it!! I cannot believe that you completed it so promptly! I have not written a resume’ in over 10 years, so I am extremely appreciative of all of your help and expertise! Thank you so very much!
- Cheryl K.

These are simply amazing results. Thank you so much for your quick service.
- Spring

Best money I’ve spent in a long time. I will recommend this service to everyone I know.
- Jonathan J.

I was under extreme time constraints and your service had the flexibility to accommodate my timeline, I appreciate your help!
- Mark C.

Just a phenomenal job, Becky. What an improvement over my own version!
- Julie G.

I am absolutely impassioned by the quality of the resume you sent over to me.
- Abby R.

Great Service. I would definitely recommend it!
- David J.

Thanks to your company’s excellence I was able to have the confidence to get the job I wanted.
- David M.

Looks really great to me. Heck – I would hire me today!!!! I will contact you if I need further items – i.e. cover letters, etc.
- G. Benson

Thank you so much for updating my resume I would have never been able to do such an excellent job. Also the person I spoke with in customer service was extremely helpful and did all he could to fulfill my resume request. Thank you so much.
- S. Virginia

Laura, you are amazing! Also it has been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much!
- Melisa

I’m very pleased with the results of both resume and cover letter!!! For whatever reason, writing both seemed daunting!! You did a beautiful job describing my experience and qualifications. Thank you!
- Misty

My resume looks great. R2H I am so glad I found you. Thank you so much.
- G. Patel

I am very satisfied with the changes you made on my resume, in fact I start a new job today. Thanks for all of your help, I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family.
- B. Stern

Seriously I, couldn’t be more satisfied with the fast turnaround time and effort you put into my, completely AWESOME resume. If you could see my face upon seeing the finished copy it would look something like this…Jaw drop and pat myself on the back. Now I, can feel confident in knowing any prospective employer, will understand exactly who they are hiring from a professional point of view. A huge relief and major burden taken off of my shoulders! Many many Thanks! After all having a great looking resume is an investment and sure fire way, in helping me in getting a new job and in the career field I am already well versed in. – PS. You’re gifted and I appreciated your talent!
Sincerely converted to a new believer,
- K. Smadie

Resume2Hire and did a GREAT job on my resume. Becky was attentive and worked with me through the process of helping me feel comfortable and having a great looking and reading resume. I highly recommend R2H. It’s a great value, and Becky was fantastic in taking my information and making it pop on the page. I could never have put into words my experience the way that Becky crafted. I looked at several companies to write my resume effectively, I’m glad I decided to go with R2H. Thanks!
- Collin B.

I have reviewed my new resume and cover letter and I am quite happy with both of them as they are. No need for any corrections or changes. You did an awesome job for me. Thank you very much!
- Barbara D.

It’s perfect! Thank you so much! I do appreciate your understanding and I LOVE my new resume! It’s the best $99 I’ve ever spent. I should have done this a long time ago. You rock!
- P. Rogers

- Alfonzo L.

I have never purchased any resume related services online and you were recommended by a friend so I thought I’d give you guys a try. The end result was exactly what I was looking for. You guys are good!
- Julia S.

I love it! This is fantastic work. I have referred a few friends to you & your company. I really appreciate how quickly you did all of this and without even speaking to me personally- impressive. Again, thank you so much.
- Tracy M.

Thank you for all of your assistance with my resume. It looks great and I am confident it will get people’s attention. You are prompt and have been very easy to work with. I will definitely recommend your company to others.
- L. Poarch

Thank you so much, it looks great, I love it!
- D. Brown

Everything looks great. We are all set. Thank you so much for your time and patience on getting this done for me. I really appreciate it.
- Lolita R.

It’s been ten years since I’ve had to look for a job, so my resume writing skills were a bit rusty. The resume I wrote myself was so plain and ordinary that I was embarrassed to submit it to anyone. Instead, I submitted it to Resume2Hire, and what I got back from them was something I could never have done myself. They found just the right way to emphasize my strengths, and the result was something I was proud to submit. Thank you.
- Larry M.

Thank you for your help. I am very impressed with Resume2hire. I am very happy with your product, services, talent and professionalism. I especially am happy with my resume and cover letter. If you need a reference please don’t hesitate to call me.
- Patrick K.

I used another service claiming their writing skills were very good quality. Unfortunately, I was less than satisfied with their sloppy and untimely work. I ordered your package last week and what I received was substantially superior in quality and in detail. Thank you for your time and attention to detail.
- Alison B.

Thank you. I have already recommended your services to colleagues. Best Regards!
- Cesar

Just wanted to let you know, so far with the resume you created for me, I have an interview set up for next Monday! Wish me luck.
- B. Copeland

Thanks so much for the resume, et al. Everything looks great!
- Mindi R.

I recently retained Resume2hire to revise and update my resume and cover letter. The actual work was performed by Lynda who did a fantastic job. She was thorough, professional and expeditious! She offered excellent advice while simultaneously listening and responding to my questions and concerns. The results were actually beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this service to anyone seeking an executive level resume.
- Leslie K.

Thank you Becky, the resume looks great…big improvement from my old one.
- James G.

Thank you for the fast service! This is a dramatic improvement to my resume. It is an excellent document, in appearance and content. The addition of the functional areas and keywords are appreciated, as is the effort put into the revision. All the letters are great! I like the way the cover letter opens. It describes me and my experience very well. This is a letter I would write, so I feel very comfortable sending it. I also like the follow up letter and know I will make good use of it. Thanks again, I will be in touch again with other resumes.
- R. Taylor

I would like to say that Juliana helped me with my resume, and she did an amazing job! She was always fast in responding and made my resume look much more presentable. She was fast in responding and offered ideas/suggestions on how to better showcase my talents in my resume. She was friendly, kind, and really made me feel comfortable. I would recommend you guys to anybody especially if they provide the service like Juliana. Simply put, Juliana was awesome! I now feel better with the resume I have.
- Sanoj E.

I really appreciate how fast and accommodating you were with me and I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone I know that needs a resume done. You have an awesome day!
- Matthew W.

Thank you John! It looks awesome!
- A. Piruzyan

Thanks very much for your comments and edits! I really appreciate your insights and guidance in helping shape my resume. You gave me exactly the objective critiques and advice that I was looking for — and especially cool that you know the San Diego market where I will be using the resume!
- Jill S.

Not only are you fabulous but you are quick! I love it and I can’t thank you enough, I was a little embarrassed to send you my old resume. But you did a fantastic job!
- Mariela W.

I have to tell you, you are nothing short of “Awesome”. I truly wish I had used your service months ago. I now hate to think that I’ve posted the “old” resume to thousands of employers. I now “feel” like a new and much more professional candidate. All I can say here is Thank You, Thank You, and one more Thank You. You can certainly count on referrals from me personally.
- G. Koestel

Wow!! What a great cover letter. Couldn’t have done that in a million years. Thank you so much for condensing the resume to 2 pages. Perfect! You are a miracle worker…Thank you so very much for creating these life changing documents. They mean the world to me and I’m sure they will help me with this job opportunity. I still can’t believe what a wonderful document you have created. I didn’t think I had done very much in the past, but you made it sound like I have been valuable. I can’t tell you what you have done for my self-confidence…
- R. Sabol

Thank you so much for your help I truly couldn’t have written and formatted this in a way that would compare with what you did.
- Will D.

Thank you once again for expertise in redoing my resume have a great day.
- Margaret P.

These documents are absolutely fantastic! They look amazing and so impressive! You did a most wonderful job and I much appreciate it. Again, thank you so much for a near perfect finished product. I will be sure to recommend my friends and colleagues of this most beneficial service.
- C. Tribe

Thank you for this. It seems like you covered everything and I am very pleased with the results of it. I can see how you directed the verbiage and I thank you. It is hard to toot ones horn.
- Eileen M.

Nicole was my resume writer and she is fantastic. So professional and made my resume absolutely fabulous. She really transformed it into something worth hiring someone for. Thank you!!!
- Mariela W.

Joe did such a great job! He was dependable, accurate, and seemed very knowledgeable in helping set up not only a resume but also an admission essay that I am using to apply for Graduate School. His work was thorough and he understood what I needed despite the fact that I am not very adept in word processing. Additionally, after we thought we had completed the project, I realized I needed to go back and make further changes. Again, a few days later, I contacted Joe and he helped me out with this, even though our initial project was done. I feel he went above and beyond in doing so, and kindly agreed without questioning it once! This was greatly appreciated!! I asked him for your name/contact info so I could pass this on. Excellent Job and service. Thank Joe again for me. I WILL recommend your service to others!
- Amy P.

Looks great!! Thanks for streamlining the document (I found that incredibly difficult to do!!) Appreciate the help.
- Toyin B.

Thank you so much. This looks great. It’s so professional and it’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
- C. Kaveloh

Oh my goodness I am thrilled! I love the resumes and cover letter. You have done a fantastic job!
- Carrie D.

I am very happy with the product, very well done.
- Michelle D.

Dear Cindy, thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my resume. Thank you!
- Melony E.

Thank you! This resume is stellar! I feel confident to send it out now! The best $99 I have spent in a very long time!
- Julie D.

I just wanted to let you know that John has been super to work with. He has really worked hard to make sure I have what I needed and wanted. Thanks again.
- S. Bridges

This is great Nicole, I am totally pleased. I’m so glad I chose to have my resume done professionally! Thank you very much! Have a great day!
- Jean L.

Thank you for the speedy delivery. I am very happy with the resume that you completed for me and I would love for you to create a cover letter for me as well. Very Satisfied Customer.
- Brenda P.

I cannot say thank you enough and I appreciate all of your help!!! I will let you know once I lock in that job because I know you will have a HUGE part in it!!! Have a wonderful weekend and I will be in touch soon with great news!!!
- Becca W.